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Fascinating Facts About Waterford


Fort LeBoeuf 

  • Do you know how Waterford was named?  In 1794, Major Ebenezer Denney, was the officer in charge when Waterford was being surveyed.  Because of his exemplary performance he was given the courtesy of naming the town.   In honor of his parents, who were from Waterford, Ireland, he dubbed it Waterford.  Just think . . . we could have been Dennytown!

  • Fort LeBoeuf was under three flags, French, English, and American.

  • In 1753, George Washington, at the age of 21, brought a message from the Governor of Virginia to the commander of Fort LeBoeuf.

  • Indians surrounded the fort in 1763 and set fire to it.  While waiting to massacre the inhabitants, Ensign Price and his remaining men managed to escape through an underground passage.

  • The first post office opened in 1801 in the old block house with Captain Charles Martin as postmaster.

  • The first church services were held in 1803 at the home of Esquire Vincent led by Reverend Patterson, a Presbyterian minister.

  • The first tavern was built in 1810 by George W. Reed.

  • Waterford Academy was incorporated in 1811.  The school opened in 1826 with John Wood as the first teacher.

  • In 1813, munitions for Commodore Perry's fleet were brought up French Creek and taken overland to Lake Erie.

  • LaFayette visited Waterford in June of 1825.  He spent the night at Reed's Tavern.

  • The famous Eagle Hotel was built in 1826. George Washington didn't sleep here but other famous people have definitely done so.

  • Did you know that more than one President has visited our town?  In 1848, General Zachary Taylor, spent some time in Waterford.

  • In 1861, Civil War Military Headquarters for Northwestern Pennsylvania was located in Waterford, in a building still standing on High Street.

  • The Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society was founded in 1974 by a team of enthusiastic citizens including Sharon and Craig Mitchell, Virginia and Dan Kuhn, and Barbara Hakel.

  • Past Mayors have included Amos Judson, Lawrence Burdick, Earl Dawson, Pappy Donnell, Red Shields, Brian Skelton, and currently Justin Blose. (This is not a complete list.)